Photography by George Turner

Sheer Obsession AKA Ollie Musson is a Sheffield born, queer & non-binary artist, living and working in Reading. Their work is performance based with multi-media elements. Ollie uses drag, film, music, soundscapes and images alongside their poetry and written practice to create surreal and complicated narratives of transformation, gender, health and trauma. They also explore forms of print-making, drawing and digital work, in order to reclaim traditional art methodologies that they have previously been precluded from.

Alongside Oren Shoesmith and GK Field, Ollie is a cofounder of queer arts trio Double Okay, running queer arts events across Reading. Double Okay currently run and curate the performance night ‘u slip into’, which began on 09.02.19, consisting of local queer/LGBTQ+ artists.

Ollie is currently working towards their multimedia installation ‘Gargle It’, which will be exhibited at GarageGallery62 from 6th March 2020.

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